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The real traditional Feng Shui is still little known in Europe as it is still mixed to the “Western Feng Shui” or “Decoration Feng Shui” that has transformed the ancestral Chinese Feng Shui in an art of decoration, super simple to understand and to which you need to believe to make it work… which is not right as it needs at least a minimum of one year of study for only studying all traditional methods plus years of practical needed to assimilate the theories. See details of Traditional Feng Shui en WIkipedia.


So, as per this misunderstanding, here in occident, most people do not want to make public the fact that they have used feng shui to improve their lives and businesses and I can only publish people messages of the ones that tell me that I can put their thankful messages with or without their names on. This will change in the future when more people will realize that the authentic traditional ancestral feng shui is the one that really works without need to believe in it being a pure Chinese metaphysic science like acupuncture of TCM - Traditional Chinese Medicine also based on the 5 transformations of five elements of the nature. See TCM on Wikipedia.


On site Feng Shui audit made for a private property in Waterloo, Brussels, Belgium


thank you for having taking care of our big problem. I thought about Feng Shui as a last resort and thanks to your recommendations that we followed in detail our problem has totally disappeared. It is a real treat!

It will be a pleasure to highly recommend your services around.

Madam X from Waterloo in Wallonia, Belgium"

Online Feng Shui audit for a private property in Nueva Andalucía Marbella, Costa del Sol, Andalusia, Spain

"Good morning Patrizia,

wanted to thank you a lot for the feng shui audit report you sent me, it was very clear and complete. Also, since I have made the changes you recommended me, my husband feels much better and stronger than before.

Before asking your services I have tried everything to solve my husband problems without success and It is hard to believe that it is the Feng Shui which has radically solved his health problem.

So, thank you a lot and I have already recommended your services to a friend of mine from Sotogrande who should contact you soon.

Kind regards and as agreed I will be waiting from your reminder for next year annual assessment to update the feng shui cures the right way.

Madame X from Marbella, Malaga, Andalousia, Spain"

On site Feng Shui audit made for a Speech Therapist Consultant in Sainte Savinne, Troyes, Aube, France

"Dear Patrizia,

All my thanks to you, my feng shui expert, who has been working a lot, on a methodic and deeply way. Results came quickly: significant improvement of human contacts, of my professional aura, finances and health stabilization.

The feng shui report given at the end of the expertise is very complete, easy to understand by its tables (very practical) and its accurate and concise explanations.

I am very glad of the seriousness of your work and seeing the results for my consulting firm property, I am glad to ask you to do a second Feng Shui expertise for my home property as well.

Again, thank you very much and I am impressed by the quantity and quality of your work.
Looking forward to hearing from you with the details you need to do my house.

Véronique Maire from Troyes, Aube, France"


Madonna, Donald Trump, Steven Spielberg, Deepak Chopra, Jerry Hall, Sting, Sir Richard Branson, Donna Karan, Oprah Winfrey, Tommy Hilfiger.


Feng Shui For businesses success

Bank of Hong Kong, Bank of Shangai, Zhong Hedian of Gugong in Pekin, Coca-Cola, Bank of America, the Trump Tower in New York City, Standard Charter Bank of London, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Royal Bank of Canada, Citibank, HSBC, Wall Street Journal, Texas First National, Body Shop, Mutual of New York, Guaranty Trust Bank of England, Chase Manhattan, Merrill Lynch Bank of America corporation.

Feng Shui for famous hotels success

Hilton hotels, Las Vegas MGM Grand Hotel, Las Vegas Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas Caesars Palace, Las Vegas Hotel Casino Mirage Resorts, Casino Niagara in Canada.


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Traditional Feng Shui Consultations and Audits

You have a problem that cannot get solved between health, wealth, relationships, education and life direction? With Feng Shui, we can find your problem source and help you make it better and often, solve it completely.

On-site and online Feng Shui Consultations

Ba Zi Energetic Balance

With the four pillars of destiny, discover which are your strengths and weaknesses so that to know how you can improve your life through the Chinese metaphysics.

Ba Zi Four Pillars Energetic Balance

Auspicious Date Selection

To start something important, new, having a duration in time like a wedding, the opening of a new business, moving home, put a property for sale, launch a new product, etc...

Auspicious Date Selection

Consultation in Xuan Kong Da Gua - 64 Hexagrams of the I Ching

Among others, activating a specific formula bringing you Prosperity and Wealth, or, Prosperity and Harmony in your family or business relationships.

XKDG 64 Hexagrams

Feng Shui Annual Assessment

Every year, the environmental energies change and it is essential in Traditional Feng Shui to update your audit and adapt to the new yearly Qi influences.

Feng Shui Annual Assessment